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    Here I, Fredrik Haren, offer more than 300 lessons on how to become a better professional speaker. I also offer you a free (!) 5-hour course that you can find on YoutTube here Master the Keynote or on Thinkific. It’s all free, as I think that sharing your expertise with others is a way to give back.
    With my 25+ years as a keynote speaker and more than 2000 speeches under my belt I hope you will find something valuable here.
    I am here to help you discover your full potential as a speaker.
    Fredrik Haren.

    What is the difference between writing a non-fiction book and a fiction book? That is the theme of this episode of Professional Speaking.

    At the moment I am writing 3 non-fiction books on creativity (yes, at the same time) and putting my final touches on my fiction book “The Unvisible” that is coming out on Penguin in early 2022.

    So in this episode of Professional Speaking I speak about how DIFFERENT it is to write a fiction book vs a non-fiction book.


    Watch it on YouTube.

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    Fredrik Haren – The Creativity Explorer.

    ps. Do not miss my 5-hour online course on Mastering The Keynote available – for free – on YouTube (no need to register etc)

    All I ask in return, If you like the course, is that you tell others about it and/or tell someone about me who might be looking for a speaker on creativity. I call it “The caring economy”.


    In this episode of Professional Speaking I share some of the creative virtual speaking setups that I have been part of recently – including the latest as a “TV news cast” for Canon in South Africa – and make the point that speakers need to be involved in helping to create the most creative set up possible. Virtual gives great opportunities to create inspiring and interesting set ups. So go on and be creative!

    Watch on YouTube and on LinkedIn.

    Also: Do not miss the 5-hour long FREE online course on YouTube: Master the Keynote. (Totally free. All I ask is that you help spread the word for the course, if you find value in it, and that if you hear of anyone interested in booking a speaker on creativity you think of me 🙂

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